Music. 11.06.16

Nobody ever tells me about the dope stuff. I have to find out about it on my own.

Like this space. Medium. Why didn’t anyone tell me about this platform before? It’s…almost exactly what I’ve been looking for. Almost.

And Apple Music. Like how did you guys keep that a secret? You mean I can have access to ANY song? For like 2 grand a month? Word?

This is the first time I am writing shit for kicks in like 3 years so I’m super rusty. Quite frankly, I don’t know how to do this anymore. But the people I rant to have probably gotten tired of me geeking out in their DMs, whenever I hear a new album that is so mind numbingly eargasmic, that I absolutely HAVE to talk about it. As a result, I have decided to come here and geek out instead.

And clawwwd! Do I have some shit to say!


Welcome to the world between my earphones.

I will talk about everything I get to listen to, and feel the need to share. It’ll mostly be Music, because Music is life. But on occasion, I’ll probably talk about Music too. I meant to say movies but then those won’t really be that frequent. And the need for repetition took over.

See, it’ll flow.

It will probably be the most random shit you’ve read. I will come on here and talk about the fact that the static sound that drops at 0:24s (and then, subsequently, every other multiple-of-20 seconds) in dvsn’s Hallucinations is probably the best thing on that album. And how if you take out Angela from the tracklist, nobody will miss it. Or how the only song worth listening to on What A Time To Be Alive is the 30 for 30 “Freestyle” track. And this is only because of the Closer To My Dreams piano sample that comes on at 2:08 that indicates that this shit right here was the only song anyone spent more than 5 minutes mixing.

Or how I hate Sugar Boy for his lines in that Raba song but I can’t help but bang my head to it whenever it comes on. Or how that random-sounding drum sample that Maleek Berry placed in the back on that The Matter joint — dude is borderline genius with congo drums. For real — is the real reason your mind scatters when the song lands.

Or how every Kendrick Lamar album has a theme song. Like in GKMC it’s Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst. And in TPAB it’s Mortal Man. And in untitled unmastered, it’s untitled 3. I will talk about how The Game will probably never be the hardest rapper of all time because we’ve heard everything he’s ever said before. Except when he attempted to tell a story in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. But nobody really listened to that RED album.

Or how James Blake probably released the best Electronic album this year. Probably, because you probably never take the first track off repeat so you never get to hear the rest.

I will talk about Kanye. A lot.

I will want to talk about how trippy Travis Scott’s underground music is. And how I cannot stand it unless I am distracted from it. Like I don’t mind it playing in the background while I work but I cannot listen to it because I feel like there is no message in it for me.

I will want to talk about how I find Asa fascinating. This will probably take hours. Don’t get me started.

I will want to go on proper album rants. I actually enjoy doing this. I will dissect every song in whatever album I get to listen to, the way I see fit and give you my opinion on how every noteworthy…well…note, made me feel. Because it was…worthy of note?

—I sincerely hope that paragraph made sense —

I will want to dissect discographies. I’ll try to, anyway. You know it’s actually interesting to literally watch an artist grow through albums? Like sit back and listen to them contradict themselves, while they evolve, and become better (or worse) people.

Looking your way, Chris.

I’ll talk about how J. Cole really has Ludwig Van Beethoven to thank for his Wet Dreamz joint cos if Nas had never sampled Für Elise in I Can, he probably would never have put that shit out. Or well, it wouldn’t have sounded like that.

See, this is what I mean. I will talk about the most random shit I get to listen to.

I hope you enjoy listening with me.

This is my journal. I’ll be back when I have more to say. I promise.