An Old Lady Gets Her B.A.

Betty Reilly in 2015

After 15 years of on again, off again collegiate study I am finally obtaining my degree in 3 weeks. Finally I will walk the field proud of my nearly 200 credit hours. Why so many? Because my interests are eclectic. I’ve aspired to be a Private Investigator, an entrepreneur, a high school Biology teacher, a Geneticist, an Anthropologist and, for a short while, a Sports Rehabilitation therapist. Every time I have gone back to school, it represents a new stage in my life and my career choice has also represented that stage. I was closest to finishing my Secondary Education with a concentration in Biology but had to quickly reconsider when I began observing classrooms and was faced with the state of Teachers in Georgia. Before I could finish however, I moved away from that institution and it was no longer possible to finish.

Three years later, I was able to admit to myself that I did not want to be a teacher, even though I was only one semester from finishing. So here I am… finally purchasing a cap and gown to walk the field next month.

I’m really proud of who I am, who I have become and very grateful to be able to hang this accomplishment on my wall. However, I did not realize how long I have been working on this until yesterday when I heard this…

When I was in 2nd grade, my teacher had us do a mock election. It was the Obama/Romney election.

I remember watching the returns that night on my thrift store couch, holding my 2 month old baby boy, crying because his opportunities as a mixed race child being raised by a single mom suddenly looked brighter.

Of course that was nearly eight years ago. I have since remarried, had a second child, moved, and grown so much as a person.

I’m proud of my fellow graduates but I am looking forward to being out of this environment.