Congressional Races

As the primary season begins to wind down, focusing on smaller elections in GA becomes more important. Georgia is very RED and it is unlikely that I will find a candidate that I can support. However, picking the least offensive candidate is important. The following is information compiled using as a jumping off point.

The US Senate is attracting a large number of contestants.

Johnny Isakson (R)
 Incumbent U.S. Senator from Georgia 
Campaign website
Lee Benedict (R)
Veteran and author 
Campaign website
Derrick Grayson (R)
Campaign website
Allen Buckley (L)

Attorney and accountant 
Campaign website
Ted Metz (L)

Veteran and former Cobb County Republican District Chmeirman 
Campaign website
Jim Barksdale (D)
President and founder of Atlanta’s Equity Investment Corporation
*Initial news report

US House of Representatives

District 8

Austin Scott (R)
Campaign Website
Angela Hicks (R)
Business Owner
Campaign Website
James Neal Harris (D)
Unknown Occupation
Campaign Website

Georgia House of Representatives

District 141
Allen Peake (I) — unopposed

District 142
Frank Austin
Occupation: Community activist
Political experience: none

Gerald Harvey
Occupation: retired
Political experience: Macon City Council 1979–1987

Miriam Paris
Occupation: Realtor
Political experience: Macon City Council 2006–2011, state Senate 2011–2012

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I will continue to add more information to this page as it becomes available. The Primary voting will also take place May 24th with local issues and races. For information about issues related to Bibb County — Macon, GA see the list compiled here.

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