FitDesk X 2.0 Desk Exercise Bike Review

I spent the last year, almost to the day, riding my FitDesk X original exercise bike. I loved it, but did notice that after I’d been pedaling for a little while and using my computer, my forearms would be kind of achy. I’d feel like I was sitting in a kind of weird position. I also had to rig a solution for storing the little computer that keeps track of distance, time, and an approximation of calories burned. The velcro didn’t last long for me. None of these little issuelets stopped me from keeping on pedaling, though.

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And then FitDesk came out with the FitDesk X 2.0, and all the little things I wished were improved about the original Xbike came true!

The new desk is a giant upgrade over the fabric-covered foam original (although I thought that was pretty clever!)

The best ultimate indoor bike trainer bike stand guide 2017

There’s a real nylon-web d-ring strap to hold on a laptop. On my original FitDesk, I “lost” the big rubber-band meant for holding on my laptop and raided one of my elastic belts. The new strap is better than that! The new desk is hard plastic with a kind of grippy surface, and a little stop on the edge closest to the rider. My laptop seems a lot more secure on this setup. Also, I don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking this desk off the handlebars like would sometimes happen with my FitDesk original.

The rolling-massaging forearm rest really helps, too. I don’t feel like I have to sit so weird while I use it.

The little time-distance-calories computer is a vast upgrade from the old one, as well, and this time around, it has a little tab that goes into a slot in the back, holding it nice and securely at the center of the back of the desk.

Assembly was a snap. It took me a couple hours, because there are a lot of pieces, and I usually approach this kind of thing from an “instructions are for chumps” angle.

Well, instructions save a lot of time, and the ones for putting together the FitDesk are really good. Everything you need for putting together the bike is right in the box, but I won’t lie. A ratchet-wrench and ratchet-screwdriver make the job even easier than the little tools included.

The bike is really easy to use, and is really quiet. When I was just getting used to riding my original FitDesk, I was initially dismayed by the discomfort I got from the bike seat, but that’s truly temporary. You get used to it.

I didn’t change out the original seat, and I notice the saddle on the 2.0 is an upgrade from the original. It’s really comfortable!

I did install the back-rest this time around, and it does present a little bit of a challenge for me, getting on the bike. I’m 5’4″ and pretty uncoordinated sometimes.

I’ve learned that I can flip the back rest down, swing my leg over, flip the backrest back up, and then get on the seat, and then to exit the bike, just hop off like I always did. The addition of the backrest makes for a more comfortable longer ride.

When I first started riding the FitDesk, it was a little distracting. It felt like I could either be watching TV OR pedaling, either writing with my computer, OR pedaling. After a couple weeks, or maybe even a few days, actually, pedaling while Tv-ing or computering or even reading became more second-nature. Now, I almost feel like I’m slacking off if I’m just sitting down, doing any of those things.

The whole works folds up easily to get it out of sight if we have company over, but I generally leave my FitDesk out so people ask what the heck it is, and then I can tell them. Just attacking them with “Hey! I have this thing called a FitDesk and you should check it out!” seems more evangelical than I like to be, even for a product as great as the FitDesk 2.0.

The thing that has really sold me on all things FitDesk is the company’s customer service. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy and that they’re using the right FitDesk product.

When I’ve needed replacement feet for the bottom of my FitDesk, thanks to my toddler daughter who likes to take things that are important to me and hide them/throw them away, they had a really good sense of humor about the whole thing and sent me my replacement FitDesk feet swiftly. They’re really friendly and responsive.

FitDesk’s Customer Service is why I’ll be a FitDesk customer for life. I can’t wait to see what’s next from this company!

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