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A friend of mine does indulge in the Elf on the Shelf thing… And his three little ones believe in it so much that last year, he walked into his ten year old son’s room, only to find the elf draped with a pillow case…

“Uh… What happened to the elf?”

“I didn’t touch him Dad! I swear! His magic is still intact..! I just… didn’t want him to see what I was doing so… I kinda covered him up…”


“What were you doing that was so bad that the elf shouldn’t see..?”

And report back to SANTA!!

“Oh… um… Nuthin’!”

“Yeahh… right… Give me the video console. Give it over.”

“No..! Dad! Seriously! Mom doesn’t want me playing video games right now cuz I got a book report to do, and I didn’t want the elf to tattle on me… So I covered his eyes so he can’t see, so it’s all good..! Really!”

There might be some benefit to this elf thing that you’re not realizing just yet… :P

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