Plus [ahem!] didn’t someone just get off the sick list?
Thank you, Terijo!
Jack Herlocker

Actually? Nope. That sick list? Me? Firmly ensconced therein..! For at least the next three weeks. No matter! Plants are FUN! Lol!

But? I’d never send you an unrooted cutting!! That’s cruel and unusual punishment Jack!!

Meyer lemons are da bomb!! Go for it! But? Also get just a plain old lemon, or a variegated one too… Those are a little more hardy… The meyer? You’ll need to take that one in when outside temps hit around 25… Inside should be around freezing at that point…

Regular lemons can handle down to about 20 inside — which is about zero outside. Meyer’s are a little more delicate.

Just my thoughts, having done it once or twice.!!

(I’m starting you some cuttings… they take a while to root… If’n ya don’t want ‘em? somebody else will come along with a raised hand!! :P)

Oh… and… Careful at Logee’s… They be dangerous… Lotsa interesting plants there… a person could go broke just dreaming about their stuff!!! LOL!! ❤