That type of poetry gives license to the snowflakes of the world.
It was directed at the poetry not the poet.

Ah. And we wouldn’t want too many snowflakes in the world. After all… That might lead to a blizzard. And we all know how weak a blizzard is, right?

I am under a medical order to restrain from responding to things such as your snide little comment up there, so I will merely say this much and then request some friends perhaps assist you in understanding why you are so very wrong about what you have stated, it’s made it near impossible for me to follow my doctor’s orders.

Giving license to people to express their pain, their confusion, their loss, their trauma through whatever method works for them, be it poetry, drawing, writing prose, or painting their bodies in yellow and purple polka dots does not in any way mean that we are giving them license to be anything other than expressive of their emotions. There is no weakness in feeling, expressing or desiring to be rid of pain.

Poetry is just ONE avenue for me in particular, and many other poets in general, to process pain and trauma, as well as happiness, love, lust and a myriad of other emotions that are frequently hard to express in prose.

If you have difficulty understanding that, and further, if you cannot see that this poem in particular was a cry for help? A request for someone to enable me to understand an overwhelming sensation of dissociation from what is my normal mode of processing the events in my life? You might need to re-examine either your level of reading comprehension or the lack of compassion you have demonstrated here.

H., Larissa… Did I forget anything?

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