Am I wrong? No… I don’t think so… I think I need some backup here…

I am asking for some assistance because I am tired. This was a VERY long day for me and my brain is muzzled.

I know there is a war on women, but, I am unable to articulate it properly.

I am asking those statisticians that I know are here to please help this gentleman, and let me be clear here… he HAS been a gentleman to me, so far… understand that there is more than just the GOP’s version of a war on women in play here.

It’s global. And I know it.

I just need some help to make him see it…

Anybody wanna lend an old lady a hand?

Alexainie and Ana… You were the first to come to mind… There are more. I know there are, but, I hesitate to call their names because they don’t know me very well…!

Please and Thank you!

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