It’s not Trump.
Caitlyn, of the North.

Caitlyn, Oh how I wish it were that simple…

See? My daughter has already been the victim of shaming and bullying, with both physical and verbal attacks from a former friend — that she’d known since kindergarten — and mostly because she’d rejected his advances, and later came out as a lesbian. He was not pleased.

The bullying went on for so long, she is now so traumatized she is literally unable to walk in to the building of the high school. She is in a virtual high school now, to complete her diploma.

So? It IS real people she’s afraid of… It’s not Trump she’s afraid of… it’s the local kids who think it’s ok to punch, pinch, hit, mock and degrade a 14 year old girl because she was open and honest enough to admit her sexuality.

She is now 18, but, the fear remains. She’s also quite empathic and she fears for her internet friends across the country who do not live in as progressive a society as she does here in the NYC metro area.

Thank you for your words of support though. I agree that the media is largely responsible for the mess we’re in now, but, not entirely. The mess that was dredged up from the bottom of the pit is here for us to deal with for real.

Peace to you.