I am honestly thinking of wearing one myself.
TeriJo — wear the pin.
Carl Sandburg


If you wear a pin and back it up with your actions? I say go for it.

I have no expectation that my wearing it will in any way directly aid anyone who is facing oppression. I know the only way I can be of any assistance in any situation, is to do what I have always done. Use my words, my body language, my phone if necessary, and to simply physically be THERE. Sometimes that’s as simple as sitting down next to a person who is being harassed and engaging them in a conversation that excludes the harasser. (They get very frustrated when that happens, so caution is still advised…!)

But, yes, I am wearing a pin. My girls and I discussed it last night, and, while they continue to demand that I exercise caution, they see it as a symbol of my standing with them. So, yes. I am wearing it, with pride.

Peace to you, Carl.

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