Let’s swap out
The Real Reason You Can’t Understand Why Black Americans Are Furious
Clay Rivers


First, this entire article is brilliant. I love it. You have brought to the forefront the exact nature of the problem, and the one thing that so many are reluctant to say.

Second… You also highlighted the strategy I have used to defeat my “training” from my racist family and highlight where I needed to pay more attention. I have, for a very long time now found one word more replusive than any other in the English language. And whenever I find myself questioning whether or not what I’m hearing is bigoted in any way..? I simply “swap out” the words they are using for that… abomination. Substituting all of its inherent racism, cruelty, and history, for whatever is being spewed in my face at the moment. Sometimes bigotry comes across in subtle ways, and it can be difficult to decipher it when it’s covered in the noise of “PC” speech…

The swapping out? It works. EVERY damned time… So? Glad to hear I’m in such good company. This is a validation I am extremely proud to have. ❤

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