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Dear Jules,

I know you know that I have been making my way through your older posts — Something I do every now and then with the folks I have found here on Medium to help me know you all a little better not to mention I simply love reading all of what you all have written… — and I just now decided to stop here for a moment to let you know I already know that I am going to be left craving more of you and your words when I am done getting to know you and your words.

Each piece leaves me with another piece of you, your peace, your world, your unique perspective on life and loving and being and surviving, and I simply am not as gifted with words as you are, so I am incapable of expressing my gratitude for you giving us the world as you see it.

This is all coming out in a rush as I try to articulate all the feels you leave me with… From gut wrenching to lust to laughter and the simple pleasure of watching a woman in love with her dog. All of it.

You advised me once to perhaps get some body armor before reading your work. I’ve decided that is a no-go. With body armor, I would never fully experience the rawness of you. And that’s a must have, with you. Your raw is a beautiful thing, and I’d never want to miss a moment of it.

Thank you for doing, sharing and being the way you are.

Right. Enough fan-girling for me! Back to reading more of you.