I assumed Teri was speaking about the US with regards to a war on women.
‘But even there…’
Sirous Martel

Don’t assume.


When you assume, you infer that I am incapable of understanding that which exists beyond the borders of my immediate world.

That is disrespectful to me. I did NOT treat you thus, so I will kindly expect the same from you, or this conversation is not only over, but, you will revert to the troll status I thought you were above. Was I wrong???

I was referring to global issues. I was referring to honor killings. And female genital mutilation. And starvation. And water deprivation. And hunger. And disease. And arranged marriages for money — AKA slavery. And sex slavery. And poverty. And abortion rights. And Child support. And…I could go on… and on… and on… and on.

But, I’ll ask you this. For every crime against humanity?

I’ll ask you to Name it. Any crime against humanity.

Which gender bears the highest burden? Which gender supports the lowliest soul?

Which human feeds the children? Cares for the elderly? Stands on their own in the majority of the time and endures the harshest of punishments? Because if someone does not stand for a set of mores that match that of the oppressor, there is a worse crime that can be committed before death.

And before you assume again… because what am I but a stupid ignorant female AMERICAN?

I am speaking about a GLOBAL problem.

Answer me. Which gender assumes the most of the burden? The one that goes out and fights with his brethren?

Or the one that sits at home? With the elderly and the children. With no food, no money, no medicine, no protection… All alone. Waiting for all of it to be taken. Because there’s not a damned thing she can do to stop it.

Because there’s things like alimony, and preferred treatment in divorce and custody court, and affirmative action and…

Your sense of self righteous bullshit and all the rest of your crap can just go shove it all up your ass.

When women don’t have to choose between feeding their children, their parents?

Between water? or RAPE?

or Selling their bodies to animals disguised as humans?

Then maybe we can have a conversation about how there’s no war against women.

Until then?


I don’t want no part of your stupid word games. Because you’re a stupid, assuming ASS.

P. S. Any points you earned initially with your polite mask you quickly lost by assuming the first, smallest insulting piece of anything about me. I assumed nothing about you. I would not insult you so. But, you felt free to do so to me.

So be it.

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