Reject, Accept or Embrace
Gail Boenning

Glad you finally took the plunge..! I have one from my grandmother that is my go to pan also. She swore by cast iron… used almost nothing else, except for tomato sauce.

And, it does help your iron levels! I can remember in High School, when we were learning about it, and we all did the finger prick Hemoglobin test. My levels came in well above normal for a girl. The teacher insisted that I’d done it wrong, and wouldn’t be convinced that my test was accurate until he’d repeated it three times.

Finally, he looked at me, tilted his head as if he’d just thought of something obvious, and said “Your family cooks with cast iron pots… Frequently.”

Not as a question.

I confirmed that we did… almost everything.

He nodded his head, and while walking away said… “That explains it!!”

I’ve recently had doctors confirm this as well… So use it in good health!!!

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