H. Nemesis Nyx

H. Nemesis Nyx… YES.

There’s a giant abscess that needs to be lanced… Too much toxic goo waiting to be released.

I wish I could offer to help in some way, but, I’m not worthy of even the offer…

If it helps? I’m just standing here in the background waiting to lend whatever support I can.

And…? Thank you, Cyborg…

I heard you when you talked about an episode with your PTSD, and the writing just seems to pour out.

I’m feeling one of those “episodes” coming on, and this is the first time I’ve ever been able to acknowledge it for what it was. Your accounts have been, in large part, why I was finally able to recognize what was happening, and therefore? I’m more able to deal with this…

Thank you.

There are two hashtag movements going on… #notokay and #whydidntyoutell … Both need to be supported. Both tell the story.

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