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Hey Elliot.

When I first saw your other piece, I admit I was so offended I went right past it…

But, it stayed in my feed and I finally said… Ok, go look at what he’s doing, and have a holler if need be!

And when I read it, I was taken back to my childhood where the same sort of casual racism abounded.

Oh, there were other more blatant acts of racism too, but, much more prevalent were the casual slurs that came from my parents and one of my sisters.

So, I was grateful for your piece, because it needs to be talked about, opened up, and acknowledged that casual racism exists and needs to be dealt with by all of us. And that means that white people need to deal with it. And challenge it. And stop it.

I am probably a little more aware than some other white people of the impact of this election cycle on people of color, simply because I live with an LGBTQ African American woman. She has been very vocal about her fears for this country moving backwards from all of the progress she’s seen over her lifetime. She’s also expressed how concerned she is, once again, to “Drive while Black”. We live in a fairly diverse, fairly affluent neighborhood, with fairly decent people around us. But that doesn’t change the fact that she has recently been challenged — a 65 year old woman of poise and grace — was challenged by a group of white men standing outside a local store, because she was trying to use the keyless entry for her car. She told me later she was rarely so frightened in her life. But she spoke to them calmly and quietly, and in the end, she tells me they all backed down and let her be.

She’s lived here for 30 years. Nothing like this has happened since she was mistaken for Angela Davis back in the ‘70’s. It simply boggles the mind.

So, I’m glad you wrote your original piece, and I’m glad you’ve written this one. Because we do need to talk about these things. So that good people are aware of what’s happening, and maybe, just maybe, we can all learn and grow from this.

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