i don’t get the motivation if it’s not love. seems to be based on if people want to be their version of a hero that day or not.
i read this earlier and for most of the day, i’ve contemplated on whether i should respond or not.
walkerjo lee

I hear you loud and clear walkerjojones, and you’re making me question whether I should be wearing a pin, even if it is at the request of my daughter and partner.

The last thing I want to do is offend, or to be guilty of “white savior complex”. Which I may very well be.

I don’t know. I have tears in my eyes because between your beautifully eloquent words — which I always appreciate — and the bitch slap of a dismissal I have just received elsewhere, I am starting to question everything.

I think I need to go quiet for a bit and think this through some more. Maybe I deserved the dismissal, though, for the life of me, I don’t know why. I need to think on it more, maybe.

Anyway… Thank you for providing me with more fuel for thought. My intentions are good, but, having been raised by my “Archie Bunker” father, I never take it for granted that I have managed to erase all of that racism that I was surrounded by…

Stay safe. We need your words, now more than ever.

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