“Is there a better term?
Rev. Fred Denial

I see… So it’s a “trigger word” for you… Therefore you get to… No. Never mind. I’m not gonna say it…

Because I think that right now? I am unable to respond with the grace that I have been trying to offer you… A grace that you have steadfastly refused to offer me. Right now? To me? It is more important to you that I don’t trigger you by using a word, than the fact that I am struggling with how to overcome being triggered by a rape.

So… My Lady Grace… Meg… Can you help me here..? You’ll need to go back to my original post and back down again…

Or… H… my Cyborg… Have I said something wrong? Am *I* wrong? All of this is so new to me, and I am truly struggling…

My other me… Sherry… Give me my words. They’re escaping me. What I do know is that what he just said is hurting me and I’m hurting enough. I do NOT want to lash out in inappropriate anger, but… oh… HOW I want to.

Dusty… Such a down to Earth voice of reason… Am I wrong here?

And my Alexainie… Another voice of reason. Tell me where I went wrong. Please. I just can’t see it… Is that me?? My pain? My anger?

Caleb… Any thoughts?



There are more names I want to call… but, I think upsetting you all might just do me in enough…

Thanks for any help or advice you can offer. Oh! And… Again… I’ve not seen Rev. ever treat someone with disrespect before… That’s kinda why I’m doubting myself here.

If I’m wrong? I can deal with that… I just need help to answer what just felt like a slap in my face.

That’s all…

Thank you all…

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