I have caught people writing articles about me and something I wrote on here — sort of like a “medium bash” … mostly , for a while people thought I was a bigot.
I just want to add, that when I first came to medium, I followed everyone that followed me- because…
A Ennis

I think I know what you’re speaking of here, and I’m sure that was very painful.

I’ve had similar… “bashing” occur and it took a little bit before I realized I had to put it in the box where it belonged. An untruth, spoken about me, and therefore not worthy of my time or energy.

People here on Medium are like people anywhere else. And like the people you encounter in person, you have to process your relationships with them in a way that is healthy for you. If they are toxic? Then you stay far, far away..!

There are many incredible writers here on Medium, and I am honored when one of them actually reads and comments on one of my pieces. I tend to think of myself telling a story to someone I want to communicate with when I’m writing. People who know me in person tell me they can hear my voice speaking when they read my work. That, to me? is a very good thing.

Personally? I think you have quite a lot that is good to say to a variety of folks. The fact that you say that you “can’t relate” to people who share their pain simply tells me that you process your pain differently. There’s nothing wrong with that. At all!

I also remember reading somewhere that for some reason, you think you must post “stand alone” pieces in order to be worthy of writing here. Nothing could be farther from the truth, in my opinion. There are MANY people who only write in response to someone else. Why is that wrong? They have valid opinions, just like everyone else! They just aren’t the ones to start the conversation rolling. They KEEP it rolling. It’s their role in Medium-land, and apparently it’s your primary role too.

I firmly believe that we all have roles to play in this life, in every aspect of this life. And we each need to stay true to the roles that we are comfortable filling in order to stay true to ourselves.

My vote, for what it’s worth A Ennis, is that you keep writing where ever and whenever your mood strikes you. I LIKE reading your words, and I’ve never found you to be racist or bigoted in any way.

P.S. Thank you for your comment about my piece. ❤

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