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I think you’re on the right track, but, I think you’ve picked the wrong word.

I don’t think it’s comfort that women seek… Although comfort is the overall outcome if they get what they’re really looking for: Respect.

Someone who respects them enough to listen to their stories, their foibles and their successes, their trials and their triumphs. They want someone to be genuinely interested in who and what they are, and want out of life. Someone who isn’t going to try to fix everything that’s wrong in their world on that particular day, but, who will trust that they are capable enough to find a solution on their own. Someone who is capable of understanding that a female CAN do most anything she puts her mind to, and who is willing to offer an opinion, not an edict.

So, yes, Chill. Relax. And let her do the same. Respect. Which gives comfort.

Otherwise..? Good job. Good listening. ;)

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