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I understand that you might think that Renae calling on us for backup was inappropriate, but I disagree. It is something that we do fairly frequently around here. Because we all have our strengths, our weakness, our strong moments, and our muddled brain moments.

I made the same request for assistance in dealing with a man who initially came across as you do, intelligent, thoughtful, reasonable. And then he turned on me, as he has on many women he’s had conversations with here on Medium, and I’m sure elsewhere.

He is not the only one. There are several of these people who make it a habit to seek out women writers and pick apart almost everything they say just for the sake of doing so..!

So, perhaps Renae felt she was in over her head dealing with two of you at once, perhaps she was a bit gun shy from having dealt with a troll or two on here before.

Whatever the reason? She called on friends who are known for being there to support their friends, and who ARE capable of having a reasonable conversation.

This is not a bad thing, in my opinion, and I will add here that I would be more than willing to show up should you ever require a woman’s point of view on any given topic, and I would hope that you would do the same for me.

It’s part of what we do here as a community of writers. Each bringing their unique perspectives to any given conversation.

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