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I want to first apologize for not responding sooner. I spent most of today in the emergency room after collapsing at work. I’m fine. I was just a little… dehydrated. I need a medication adjustment. That’s all! It’s all good! I had no wifi access and therefore could not do much today. At all. I was finally released when Renae called my name and I did my best to answer her, with what I had at the time…

NONE of that need worry you, my Violet. It’s all good. We’ve got it covered! Remember… Doctor’s orders, hmmm? (I don’t care HOW much of a hussy Stuart calls you. SHUSH!)

Now then…

Thank you Violet. It may just be because I missed your troubled time, as jayden, and your subsequent departure, that my guardian came out in my words. See? When you had that trouble, I’d been away from Medium for three days. I’d only just started, and was not yet…? Addicted. And work and life took me away with ease.

Then I came back, and you were gone.

My guardian? She’s always been there in person. Now she’s trying to learn to be here in only the words.

Thank YOU for giving me the courage to do that. It means a LOT to me.

Be well honey. Just… be well.

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