I will be the light… Let the Light Shine ON!!!

There is this woman and I’m lucky enough to call her my friend.

I’ve told you about her before. She’s quite a remarkable human being.

She’s dealt with adversity…Felt the pain and confusion of love and loss.
She’s lived with crosses burning on her lawn, because they were the only family in the neighborhood who were brown.

Classmates on her team would call to her with no shame… “Show us your smile! We can find you better!”

She walks on. Tall and proud. Nothing will hold her down.

She danced and she partied her way through the ‘70’s and ‘80’s because that’s what you did. It was THAT time. Studio 64, was the place for fast music, so crowded there were pants marks on the walls.

She has been mistaken for Angela Davis — pulled over, police in riot gear, guns and rifles drawn. Because she was slim, black and had an afro.

She has been mistaken for Whoopi too. Those people she bought flowers and talked with for over an hour.

She drove a Custom van with decorations to spare. She’d park under the West Side highway, place the speakers just so, and the people would come. They’d dance and party til dawn, because the company was that good. Total strangers would become friends. She was life and love and laughter, and people were drawn to her light.

AIDS and death surrounded her. She marched on and kept close her fears.
Her Mother had breast cancer… she nursed her through it. Her little sister was readying herself to go off to college at the same time as her mother was dying. She just dealt with it all, and took care of her business.

She marched with those in Washington. Held her head high and bowed to none.

She dealt with more prejudice and adversity than anyone should bear. Took it all in with a smile and tried to educate where she was able.

This woman stands tall and strong. She knows right from wrong and weak from strong.

I’m lucky enough to call her Friend. And she is the bearer of Light. The one who stands still and offers her strength. For those who are weak, who cannot stand? She’s standing there, offering her hand.

Accept her gift of loving and sharing. And understand? For her, there is no burden she’s bearing. That’s just this woman, a bright and shining woman.
Offering Light for the masses. Beautiful to her soul.

I am Inspired by Tremaine L. Loadholt and Ayesha Talib Wissanji. Thank you both for helping me with a way to participate.

She affirms that she is light. Whenever there is darkness, she will shine.

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