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If you actually READ my articles you’d see that I said nothing of the kind.

You have taken the fact that I had bariatric surgery and you are ranting about how *I* equate it with self-love? YOU are the one with the problem here.

“…you are judging me for not doing whatever it takes to get “healthy” by your standards.”

That’s in YOUR head. Not mine. Nothing in anything I said either here on Medium or anywhere else talked about you or any other fat person except me. And exactly NO WHERE did I ever say that after I had bariatric surgery I came to love myself.

Again..? Try reading MY articles. There are several out there where I have stated flat out that I don’t love myself. Heath Houston and I had a very long conversation about how neither one of us does. My lack of self-love has abso-fucking-lutely NOTHING to do with my weight. Zero. If you bothered to read any of my articles — actually, like read them, absorbed them, understand what I was saying? Instead of you reading “Bariatric Surgery”, then seeing red, making assumptions and accusations that have nothing to do with me, and everything to do with how you feel.

I respect myself. I take care of myself. I accept who I am and I try to be the best person I can be. I am not in a mindless quest for thinness. I simply wanted to be able to walk again. And I couldn’t with an extra 150+ pounds on my frame.

Or was it because I said I hated myself when I was fat? Is that what set you off? Guess what? I did. The reasons for that self-hatred had more to do with things that are frankly? None of your goddamned business. Not that you’d care anyway. You just want everyone to love the fat on their bodies. Because that’s what you want to do, even though I strongly suspect that you don’t.

The science is out there, educate yourself, instead of stigmatizing me with your “fat equals unhealthy” bias.

I stigmatized you where? HOW? This is YOU talking! Not. ME.

I did infer that being morbidly obese is unhealthy. Guess what? It can be..!! I remember it distinctly…!! Are you morbidly obese? If you are, and are still healthy? Good for you!! You’re lucky. Once the freight train arrives for you, it’s downhill pretty fast.

Oh, and one more time you demonstrated that you didn’t actually read my post is in the fact that I gave you an example of a member of my family who is walking the walk toward diabetes and she’s never been fat a day in her life!!!

No. Type II Diabetes does not just come for the obese.

The foods you eat, the lack of exercise you get, especially if it’s hard to move, make you a prime candidate for this disease…

But it most certainly does come for those who have the gene, aren’t active — which, by the way? is difficult when you have an excess of 150+ pounds on your frame — when you don’t eat right. Which is what I said the first time… but, you didn’t bother to read that.

I did the Weight Watchers thing with my mother too. I was 11… I lost 10 pounds and was declared at my goal weight.

Think about that for a second. Go ahead. I’ve got time.

I also did the amphetamine thing with my mother, the crazy fad diets with my mother, the bullying from my classmates, my sister, my grandparents and my father. I did the yo-yo diets, the stupid special shakes and all the rest of it.

“Yet it seems to me like you are promoting bariatric surgery it as a cure-all. It isn’t.”

Um. No. What I actually said was?

It’s a tool, which if used effectively, will help them get back to a more healthful state.

I seems to me that you need to do more research into what actually happens to people who have bariatric surgery. Maybe it’ll lessen your prejudice. Maybe not. But then again…? You did say…

The science is out there, educate yourself, instead of stigmatizing me with your …bias.

Emphasis mine.

“It really sounds to me like you and others are advocating weight loss by any means as a prerequisite to loving yourself. Fuck that shit.”

It sounds to me like you either need to get better reading glasses or at the very least take a good hard look in the mirror. Because, seriously? I haven’t done ANY of what you’ve accused me of… You did it to yourself.

And that’s some fucked up shit.

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