A Ennis

:) I’m glad it did.

As a reader said to me in response to a story about someone trying to invalidate me as an attractive, sexual, human female:

You can’t really see yourself without a mirror. Other people and how they treat and react to us, are our only mirrors. And like any mirror, it reflects reality, but distorted.
While these distortions are beyond our control, we do have some influence over what we put into the mirror and how we interpret what comes back. — John T (Sorry, Medium won’t let me tag you dammit!)

I think we all seek some of that approval to help us validate what we see in that mirror. And it’s always good when we discover that what we thought was true about ourselves, is in fact, the reality. Especially if you are at your center, an honest individual who is looking to do your best for yourself and the people around you. Not everyone can handle looking into that mirror and honoring the truth of what they see there. They’d rather believe the lies because it’s too hard to face the truth and actually endeavor to change things. Too much work.

And? We are social creatures. Human beings require interaction with others or we do not thrive. It’s scientific fact. From newborns to convicts, we NEED to be around other people or we simply go insane. Or start talking to soccer balls. Or was it a basketball?

And, here is where my cold medicine has started kicking in, so before I start to really ramble incoherently? I’m gonna stop on this note:

Yes, it’s nice to be loved. Yes, it’s nice to find approval. Yes, it’s painful when we are wrongly judged and/or disliked. Yes, your stories are worth reading. Your poetry is quite something. Your opinions are intelligent, informed and clearly articulated. Please keep writing them. ALL of them. I’ll keep reading. ❤

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