I find myself reluctant to do things that were hard for me when I was still heavier.
Staying Accountable, Even When it’s Booooring
Shaunta Grimes

It’s a definite after-effect of having been so large that you have to think about every move that might hurt, every space you might not fit into, every action that can cause an undesirable reaction.

They are habits that you need to un-learn. And you will… As you discover and assimilate your new size, you will find yourself challenging your abilities and pushing yourself to try things you previously believed you were incapable of doing.

It’s quite freeing..!

My latest example was my deciding that I was going to walk the 4 miles to my doctor’s appointment instead of turning around and rescheduling it like a normal human being. (I’d left my cash and my cards all at home and only realized it on my way to the office.)

8 years ago? I would have simply turned and trundled my way back to work. Last Monday? I said… Well..? Why not?! 4 miles isn’t so far! And walked it in less than an hour.

And upon arrival is when I realized that now I had to repeat that performance in order to get home!

My feet and ankles hurt for days afterward, but, I still was able to do it. And now I know that it IS possible for me to do that… Although, next time, I’ll wear better shoes for the task!