I hope that you feel the support from people on Medium, that it helps to salve and soothe your heart
Dear TeriJo, when you are feeling raw and shaken to the core by traumatic memories, I hope that you…
Larissa Roberts

Larissa… I wanted to Thank you… most sincerely for all of this you have posted here. I have not yet read it all… mostly I’ve skimmed it in an attempt to shield myself, but I will.

Meanwhile, I wanted to say that for you, a total stranger, to go to the effort to post all of that for me, and for the hundreds of thousands of others who may need to see it? What a selfless act.

H. Nemesis Nyx… You should see this…


Yes. I HAVE felt the support from the people on Medium in a way that warms me to my bones.

Thanks again Larissa.

This was a selfless act of support that I will not soon forget.

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