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Mating procedures.

Mating procedures.

What does RAPE have to do with mating? Sex? Copulation?

Absolutely ZERO..!!!

Rape is NOT about Sex. It has nothing to do with how attractive a woman is or isn’t.

It has NOTHING to do with whether she is 2 months or 2000 years old.

It has EVERYTHING to do with how small a person the RAPIST is.

Rape is about…



There’s nothing about it that speaks to attraction or lust.

Rape is the ultimate way for a man to exert his control over a woman.

Regardless her wishes or will.

I believe, after reading your work here on Medium that English is NOT your first language. And? According to your writing? Your approach to women reflects a mindset that is archaic at best. I don’t even want to think about the worst.

I also believe that you are likely not a rapist. At least? I hope not.

But? It appears that you are fraught with misogyny and mis-informed, self centered notions about women, their treatment and sexuality in general.

You are NOT self-aware.

You give no one but YOURSELF any respect.

YOUR wants and needs are the only things that matter.

And that is just WRONG. Male or Female.


The fact that a woman smiles at you does not mean she wants to FUCK you.

The fact that a woman smiles at you after a comment such as “Look at her ASS!” most likely means?

…That she is frightened.

She is concerned that you might be that rapist that she is so aware is out there.

And she is trying to diffuse the situation. By appearing friendly… Unthreatening…

She’s NOT trying to invite you in…

But she doesn’t know WHAT to do…

But? For a certainty?

She better not REJECT your ass because we all know that REJECTION will only make things worse!



YOU don’t want THIS..??

The fact that a woman smiles at you after you comment on her ASS… as if there is nothing about her BESIDES her ass?


Tell ya what? Why don’t you just go ahead and Grab MY pussy? See where it gets you.

Attraction is a power.

Rape has ZERO to do with ATTRACTION. And EVERYTHING to do with:

I want it. I’ma take it...

What??!! There’s a PROBLEM??

Uh… YEAH…!!! Dumbass!!! There’s a HUGE problem….!!!

Just because you want it? Doesn’t mean you get to have it. You should have learned that by the time you were 3 years old.

What’s so hard about understanding that..? What’s so difficult about hearing that just because YOU WANT it, doesn’t mean YOU get to HAVE it..?

Are you a MAN? or a CHILD..??

Wake up… GROW up…!!!

Open your FUCKING eyes.

And if you think you can “explain” to me again the base nature of sexual traditions to me again? I suggest you pick your OWN country’s traditions.



And having seen your other post about how having oral sex changes a person’s DNA?

This “conversation”..?

Is OVER..!!!

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