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Me of all of them? Why me of all of “them”?

You didn’t answer Violet and her generous offer to help find funds for school. Typo on the date? Ok… What would it have hurt for you to respond with exactly that?

You didn’t answer Meg or any of her concerns..

You didn’t answer Alexainie nor address any of her concerns or suggestions. Alexainie who knows where you are because she’s been exactly THERE and you ignored her.

Why in the world would I think that you’d answer any of my questions when you couldn’t be bothered to respond to any of THEIRS??

That simply doesn’t make any sense. And your attempt to make me feel guilty for MY silence without ANY knowledge of what was happening in MY life really speaks volumes to me. I was under no obligation to say a single word. But if you had just stepped up and addressed the concerns, the obvious concerns that any sane, rational person would have once things started to unravel? Then there would have been nothing for me to ask you about. Things might have just kept moving along as you wanted them to.

But you didn’t. And now you want to accuse ME of having done something wrong..?

I don’t think so.