because I fear they may be trite, misinterpreted, etc.
Meg — I am in the same boat.
Michael Ramsburg

Michael and Meg… I’m gonna ask you to consider something…

What if I said you shouldn’t worry about the backlash..? What if that was something that may NOT happen?

What if I just said…?

Publish it... Don’t hide. Publish THEM. All of those stories of diversity in the normal everyday of just another person. Who happens to be white.

What if I just said…?

Show them what it’s like to have a friend who is Black, or Asian, or Latinx, or Muslim…

What then..?

What’s bad about showing them that they’re wrong? That there is NO broad paintbrush for ALL people of any common denominator..?

We can’t hide... If we do? They win. The bigotry wins.

He wants to silence our normalcy which is the world of acceptance and of diversity. The world that says that ALL people deserve a chance to just live their lives the way THEY choose. Color, religion, sexual orientation and gender regardless.

He wants to prove that white can only be with white. That female is less than male. That Black and Brown and Red and Yellow are beneath the white… Because a lack of a hormone… a chemical… Whatever you want to call it somehow makes one person “superior” to another…

And we know better! We LIVE better..!!

And we have the stories to prove it…

So? We? as the written word of our society need to show that we ARE better than the world that racism and bigotry is trying to maintain.

Do we have a lot to learn still? Of course we do. We’re human.

But? We have also seen the light, and we are trying to do better…

So..? Publish those stories. Show OUR normal. Show OUR version of what the world should be. Write it… And then?

Publish them… I know you both have published a story today… but…

Don’t stop. Publish them.

ALL of them…

Am I wrong here?