Well, shoot, TeriJo; now I’m crying. What an immense compliment. Thank you so much! I am honored.
Renae Tobias

Nah darlin… You honored me. I got a first look at something so gorgeous it’s blinding.

Gimme more. Please?

Dayum woman, but you can WRITE!!!

And I will add this little caveat… I am no expert on styles or structures or anything else when it comes to writing.

I read. I have been a reader since I first saw words. I was reading at a “college level” when I was eight years old.

I know words. Words move me. They enthrall me. They capture me and they keep me.

Your words told me a story in only a few words that could have taken chapters to tell.

Please. No matter what the “experts” say..? Don’t stop doing this. Not for a single moment. This…?

This is what I want to read.

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