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No, D. It’s ok. I’ve always felt that you have a good heart. This started from a poem of mine… Here:

The poem is basically about how I don’t understand what I’m feeling, but? I think? this is what people mean when they say they’ve been triggered.

Understand… and this is hard to say…

I have been sexually assaulted. No…! RAPED.

No less than SEVEN times.

The first time I was fourteen.

The last time was two months ago.

So? Yeah… I’m a bit… Skittish?

That’s why I called for help.

Because I do not want to EVER take my anger at one person, out on another.


And I understand the overuse of certain words and all of that — sorry… I’m just a bit (a LOT) tired right now? No disrespect intended! At ALL!

Eh… Maybe I should just go to sleep and explain better tomorrow…?

Except? Why the need for the belittling? ESPECIALLY when you’re reading a poem about pain??

WTF?? Seriously?

Grow the FUCK UP!!

(Not you D… the moron who started this mess!!)

Sorry! Rambling! Tired… drained. Need sleep.)

Peace to you lady. Hope your V. Day was SaWEEET!!

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