And I reckon doctors wouldn’t use such a term either, if the very roots of their name for a procedure were based on sexism.
I’m not a troll.
Sirous Martel

Not now. I certainly hope not, anyway..! But at one time? Yes.

Sexism was rampant. The problem is?

That fact hasn’t changed. It still is rampant.There is a war against women. All women. But some people don’t want to see it. Good people. People who see themselves as non-sexist, and still say things like “Strahan left because she’s a bitch”.

Not “I hear she’s hard to work with.”

Not he got a better offer.

And definitely nothing about how she was treated in that whole debacle.

Just, she “must be a bitch, so he left”.

It’s very… disappointing. To say the least.

P.S. Glad you’re not a troll! :)

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