Of course, white Americans should speak out in support of black Americans.
Sean, here ya go.
Clay Rivers

Thank you for this…! This is how I have felt for YEARS!

There have been many times when I have found myself in the presence of a bigot, spewing their particular brand of hate in my face because they honestly felt that because they saw me as a White, Christian, Heterosexual woman, they could say anything they wanted about POC, Homosexuals, Non-Christians, and I would go right along with their views.

They never see it coming…!

I can actually remember the exact moment when I decided that I would no longer allow my presence to be seen as a safe haven for their poison.

I was 26 years old, standing in the kitchen of a dear friend. She was hosting a party of a few friends and there were people of all races, creeds, nationalities and sexualities present.

One young man started talking about the recent robberies that had been taking place in the neighborhood. At one point in the conversation, he looked carefully around the room, noted that he was in a roomful of all white folk, and announced that he knew that it was those “niggers from the slum” of a nearby neighborhood.

I can remember distinctly feeling a wave of heat come over me.

“I think you need to leave now. You’re not welcome here.”

He looked at me, incredulous.

“What?! WHY??”
“Why? WHY? Because you’re sitting in the kitchen of a person who has been called nigger more times than she can count.
A woman who marched with Dr. King in Washington.
A woman who had crosses burn on her lawn.
A woman whose teammates on her college basketball team would tell her to smile so they could find her on the court.
A woman who treats everyone she meets with kindness and respect.
A woman who always strives to do the right thing.
A kind, thoughtful, giving, intelligent woman you claim as friend...
A woman who has invited you into her home, called you friend, and yet you sit there spewing SHIT.
You are no friend.
If your heart holds that kind of hatred for a group of people simply because they are different from you due to nothing more than their skin color?
You need to leave. NOW.”

His response was priceless…!!

“What do you care if I call them niggers? You’re not one of them! You’re the same as me..!!”

I am nothing like you and I never will be. And I will never sit back and allow anyone to spread their poison around in front of me.

As it happened, he was Italian, homosexual, and slightly effeminate. So, I looked him in the eyes and said:

So, it’d be ok with you if I called you a sissy, ginny fairy boy? Because I’m none of those things either!

He actually looked abashed.

And that’s when I realized I had a voice. One that might just make a difference, if I could get through.

So I use it. As often as possible.

I’m not the greatest orator, I don’t always have the ability to say what I want in a clear, concise manner. But, when it comes to speaking out against these atrocious statements? I refuse to be cowed.

Thank you for the affirmation that I think many white citizens need. Especially in the state of society right now. It is much appreciated.

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