TeriJo, I hope for you an accepting person or two. Including yourself. you’ll get there.
I recently had a profound experience that shook me to my core.
The Solitary Cook

Thank you my dear… I wish I had such a one or two here in person, but, I have found so very many here in our little community that I am truly awed. The loving support I have received since my cry of pain has been absolutely overwhelmingly loving and supportive.

I admit that I have been weakened by the events of the last few months, both in my personal life and the realities that I have endured, and in the political morass that we are currently fighting. I think maybe I spread myself too thin.

There are several here who have helped me scrape myself back together again and move forward.

You are one of them. I am glad that you have good people, who love you, around you who can help you get through your crisis.

Peace to you dear The Solitary Cook… I hope you are better soon too. ❤

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