This is why I Block
H. Nemesis Nyx

Thank you my lovey. I know that you are not an MD… or an OD… or whatever other initials they have these days for a doctor.

I also knew that you would not lie to me, and that you would absolutely point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

I will go and talk, and discover, and get the diagnosis I need to get the help I’ve needed for too fucking long.

Six times. And now? A seventh — minus the rape, let’s not over-accuse here… after-all? holding someone against their will without… shit.

Never mind.

Seven times.

I’m done making excuses.

Thank you honey. I’m going to go read your links. But? probably tomorrow.

Thank you for answering my call.

I’m ok for tonight. Promise.

I love you, my Cyborg. Not easily said H… But? from my heart to yours? Easily given.

Peace to you too my lady.