I’ve heard from people over the past couple of years that me writing about these things doesn’t count.
The Protest of a Dangerous Black Person
Shannon Barber

They’re assholes. Period. The fact that you are persecuted like this because you’re reading???

It’s enough to make my blood boil..!! No one should have to deal with that garbage…!!

I’m sorry you have to endure this. I’m sorry that people suck. I’m sorry that you cannot feel safe sitting on a bench with a book while you wait for your bus. I’m sorry that I cannot stand next to you while you read that book and glare at the police while they cruise past you. (I’d do it too..!! Ask anyone who knows me!)

But, even more so?

I’m sorry you also have to endure criticism from people who don’t understand that it is not your role to stand up and attend a protest and shout with a crowd and all of that. And that’s ok.

I think in this society, we all have roles to play. We all have different voices that need to be heard. And we all have those who will criticize us for filling our roles in the manner in which we are comfortable. You need to do and be you. Not whomever the ubiquitous “they” think you should do or be.

“They” need to step OFF…!!

And yes, you are a “Dangerous Black Person” and I like your particular brand of protest. That took at great deal of courage. Brava!!

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