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To answer your question above…It shouldn’t. One should have nothing to do with the other… The problem is that our society has, since the mid 60’s and the advent of Twiggy as an ideal for a woman, over stressed being thin as the “perfect” shape. Especially for women, but, I include men as well because they are equally judged. It’s ridiculous and cruel that it continues the way it does.

In the mid-’70’s we were hoodwinked into believing a lot of crap about what constituted a proper diet, and our nation as a whole, over the following 40 years, became obese.

And then it became a money-making machine for a LOT of people, and so it continues to be today.

That said…?

Here’s where I take issue with your essay.

You just judged me for having a surgery that in all likelihood saved my life. The same surgery that millions of people have had for the same reason. And frankly? I’m sick of people like you doing that to me. Where did you do this…?


“…mutilated themselves with bariatric surgery.”
“…after they had half of their guts chopped out and starved themselves for a year or two!”
“…the concept of being chopped on just to fit some social requirement for thinness absolutely enrages me. The idea of putting myself in a state of perpetual starvation in order to be thin is simply appalling — regardless of whether I’d “get used to it” or not.”
“I learned to accept my rolls…I didn’t have to be semi-gutted to do it.”

I am not mutilated. I have NOT had “half my guts” chopped out. I do NOT starve myself. I did NOT have Gastric Bypass “just to fit” ANY social requirement. I have NOT been semi-gutted.

I AM sick and tired of people telling me that I took the easy way to lose the weight that was harming my body and making my life a living hell.

I am not in a state of perpetual anything except pissed off at people who assume they know anything about why I had this surgery in the first place, and want to put me down for it. Especially people who do not, apparently, know the first thing about the surgical procedure itself..!

It’s bigotry. Plain and simple.

Ask. LEARN. And don’t you DARE judge over what YOU do NOT understand.

Millions of people have this surgery because their obesity is causing them to have major health issues. Like I did. For most? It has little to nothing to do with societal stigmas, and everything to do with wanting to live longer easier lives.

“(IMO, obesity is more likely the side effect/symptom of the various diseases, like heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, etc, not the cause.)”

Sorry. Dead wrong here. If you truly believe this..? You need to educate yourself.

Obesity is neither a side effect nor a symptom of heart disease. It is the cause of many different types of heart disease. Your heart is a muscle. If you are morbidly obese it must work harder to get the blood where it belongs. It’s simply common sense that if you work a muscle too hard for too long? It’s gonna have problems eventually. The same is true for hypertension, arteriosclerosis and a variety of other illness that I don’t feel like typing out.

Type II diabetes has been PROVEN to be caused, in large part by lifestyle and dietary choices. The foods you eat, the lack of exercise you get, especially if it’s hard to move, make you a prime candidate for this disease… And by the way? Gastric Bypass surgery has, in thousands of cases, proved to be a practically instant CURE for both Type II diabetes AND Hypertension. Wake up from the surgery with a normal BP and a normal Blood Sugar level.

Just like that.

Does that happen for every patient? Nope. I did not have hypertension when I had my surgery. That was 9 years ago. Guess what? I have hypertension NOW. Just like my mother, father, grandfathers and grandmothers. It runs in my family. You don’t have to be obese to have hypertension.

My sister, who has, her entire life, never struggled with her weight also inherited my mother’s DNA and is now struggling with a pre-diabetic condition. My A1C levels are normal now, were normal then, and are quite likely to stay that way because I’m a Reactive Hypoglycemic. My body takes VERY good care of any sugar I eat.

The things that obesity IS a side effect of…? Dozens of possibilities. Hormonal imbalances such as PCOS, Depression, poor diet, lack of motivation and lack of exercise are still more. Metabolic issues from yo-yo dieting over many years is still another. I could continue, but, you should know all of this already.

Prior to having bariatric surgery most patients must consult with a psychologist to ensure they are going to be able to deal with the massive struggles they will find post-surgery. It is also to ensure that they are not looking at a Roux-En Y as a magic bullet. It isn’t.

It’s a tool, which if used effectively, will help them get back to a more healthful state.

Do you know that for most bariatric patients the average weight loss is only about 70% of their excess weight? Which means that if a patient starts at 400 pounds, they should expect to reach approximately 225 pounds.

Does that, on a 5'6" female, sound like skinny to you..? It isn’t.

Can that same female decide to work a bit harder on her exercise plan and lose even more? Of course. The vast majority don’t. They are quite satisfied with getting to a better, healthier weight.

Because they have learned that it never was about getting skinnier. It’s about getting healthier.
Like I am.