Easy? Not sure about that, Teri. Goes against a lot of deep training.
Allison Washington

Well my training to stand up to drunks started when I was 5, so, that’s my deep training. My father was a raving, angry and often violent drunk so, I’m familiar with the signs of the shifts in drunks, and can usually defuse if things haven’t gone too far… I am very good at calming them down, or getting them to move on. That authoritative tone that you get when dealing with either subordinates that aren’t doing their jobs, or toddlers who are heading to the lit, hot stove comes quite naturally to me, and most of the time, it works wonders.

That said? I also wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. Doing what I did was dangerous. But, I couldn’t just walk past those two people and leave them to handle it alone when I thought I might be able to help. If the situation had already escalated, I wouldn’t have spoken to the drunk, because it would have been more likely that he would have turned on me, and I had enough of being a punching bag for a drunk when I was a kid. I have no desire to deal with that again..!

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