I know how blessed you feel to have the child that you have (not sure if this is your only, or one…

You just made me cry. Again. Dammit.

She is my one and only child. And I AM blessed to have her… whatever that means..! (I am an atheist, so? Blessings are a little… off for me..? If you know what I mean..?) But I have been gifted with her existence in my universe, and I am Thankful she is here…!

I guess the part that I struggle with…? Is if I truly am open and accepting?

Why does she not know this…? What am I projecting??

Is it a legacy of my childhood…???

What is SHE seeing that I am not, that she is worried..?

I MUST be missing something…

Not that I’m doing something wrong… Only that I’m missing…


I must be…!

It drives me batshit sometimes. Because I do NOT want that.

I strove to do BETTER.

But..? I’m missing… SOMETHING.


I’m working on it… With her help.



Thank you. Your words mean a LOT! XO