For now, I’m in a bit of a cocoon. And my husband and therapist are telling me that that’s okay for today. Now I just have to find a way to believe them.
It’s Been Rough
Sherry Caris

You know, when I was going through the thickest part of my depression after the incidents of last December, I found myself in what I also called a cocoon. I couldn’t stand noise, or people, or conversation around me. I just wanted to crawl under my covers and stay there. The cat was ok for company but, that was pretty much all I could tolerate.

And I constantly would berate myself about how I needed to get up, talk to my daughter, get my ass to work, do all the things I was supposed to be doing, and stop wallowing in my own self-pity.

It wasn’t until I finally accepted that this was what I needed in order to heal, that I finally started to heal. And I am healing, every day.

Now, I don’t want to equate what I went through to what you have endured and continue to endure. They are by no means the same. I just wanted to say that I think that sometimes, we need to wrap ourselves in a cocoon to allow ourselves to heal. And hopefully, if we give ourselves permission to do that, then we can gradually get back to not needing that cocoon for a while again. Give yourself permission to heal. Give to yourself what you would want to give someone you loved who was going through this. Love yourself the way you would love them.

And feel the massive hug I’m sending your way… Big love, my dear Sherry. Big, big love. ❤️