What do we seek? What really feeds us?

Desire. Austere raging need. The searching for a reason to light your hearth every day. The insistent foraging for your split apart.

This is the human need to be seen — to matter.

It’s not something tangible that can be sold or the ad agencies would have captured and manipulated it since Olgvy started crying his needful tune to the American public.

What drives a person to action is a pure passion. In the simplest of terms, an all encompassing need to be witnessed. In the realm of fiction — it’s a compelling story. In interpersonal actions- it’s an connection. In a song — it’s a recognized unheard melody.

The whispering of another’s soul. You are not sure you heard it. You are not sure that you are worthy. But it’s there. Playing the refrain. Tugging at your heart strings.

The connection and subsequent relationship starts as a whispered promise. A hope. A seed on the wind. Tumbling into your sand. Trying to plant into your garden. Hoping that the soil, moisture and feed are the correct combination.

It is a wonder of life just like a seed sprouting. Pushing through your soul seeking sunlight and nurturing.

When the right combination occurs- it is a marvel, even a miracle. Time, space and circumstance can’t stop it. Like a seed tossed out the car window turning into an acre of redwoods. It’s eternal, unstoppable and natural.

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