Words have such a power. Sterile words can hurt, while words written with a passion, even unconscious ones, permeate the senses. Kind words can heal, poison words can damage. More importantly the intent behind the words brings the power to them. Sonnets written in sorrow, although the subject is a bright sunny day, turns our inner light to sadness. Poets have always known this.

In the midst of love and discovery even my grocery lists are alluring. While I’m engaged with the act of enchantment, my heart speaks louder than my mind and it is translated and felt in my prose.

What is the constant scribe to do but set up the situations to fall in love? So that my work will resonate with the allure of Eros allusive song. I seek to find, follow and fall. Both the falling in and out are devastating and beautiful.

Scientist have studied and discovered that you can guide someone to fervor. The asking of 36 specific questions can lead a heart to open, let the trickle of the enamored essence be received and reciprocated. I have tested this theory successfully. Coupled with an authentic showing of self- love appears like a field of wild flowers after a spring downfall.

But what is also true is that it is nearly impossible to make that feeling stay. To make it sustainable. It will always be an unequal teeter-totter. As the ability to love is based on your cherished memory. If you were surrounded and adored as a child you can grow in love, if you were beaten or ignored as a child — the act of sustained love is nearly impossible.

We see this premise masked in long term relationships by familiarity, comfort and friendship. Which can suit a life quite nicely. But not feed the need for love. Eventually that heart muscle screams to be exercised. The longing and exquisite vibrations beg to surface. We as sensual beings, desire to feel. This path is never safe, never easy and always rewarding.

And in this state, we become the most creative. The very best version of our artistic beings.

We are at these times a tenuity of thought — a glance at an artist’s true essence. In this place we enjoy, let go and be free to remember it all with a sustained affection.

Life is a multifaceted river with estuaries, blockages and rocks to make the water flow with abundance. If you take away the diversions, it’s an empty, fast ride to the sea.

I do many things out of character to show my beloveds my devotion. The tricky part for the artistic souls, is to love and not loose our spirit. That we don’t walk away from our authentic selves to serve or placate others. We must find balance. Sometimes- those who love us MUST shake their heads and let us BE. And WE must adore our selves so much that we let our Light shine. Knowing that our essence is a mirror to the world.

To be less than what our souls were meant to be is the only crime. So we love. And we loose. This makes us authentic creators.

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