What’s the difference, anyway?

You must be competitors, right?

Great question — our last applicant had the same one when she signed up to Terminal 3! However, once you understand what we both do, the differences are clear. So, how about a crash course in what makes us both unique?

Remote Year is a popular choice for a travel and remote work program. The program has facilitated many remote workers to take the plunge to travel and work remotely. We’ve heard a lot of feedback from people on the program.

Here’s why our customers told us they picked Terminal 3 instead of Remote Year.

Have you ever dreamed of borderless travel? Your thoughts may move to location independence and the benefit of remote working. At Terminal 3 we travel and work in a new city every month. Prior to Terminal 3 the Founders lived a location independent, remote work life collectively for over ten years. Below is an insight on how travel changed their life and how travel could change your life too.

Gives You More Perspective on Life

The more you travel, the more you get to see. You’ll witness third-world living, homelessness, and much more. Those problems that seem so big now…

Terminal 3

Travel and Work Remotely Across the World. Apply Today! www.terminal3.co

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