#AlphaFriday: Brighter futures, good friends, silver linings, and the “rising cost of education” 😅

Terrafirma NFTs
6 min readMay 27, 2022

By popular demand, welcome to our first #AlphaFriday via Medium article!
Look — we made a pretty banner and everything 😁

Brighter Futures:

The future of crypto is multi-chain, and for Ceres Ventures and Terrafirma NFTs to be the future of real-estate, that means our future is multi-chain.

Recent events have shown that before we can truly build decentralised money, we need to first build stronger decentralised crypto. This means we must grow beyond “my L1 is better than your L1” tribalism and embrace “how can we be stronger together”. Or, as my fellow #LUNAtics would say, #WAGMI ❤

While Etherium working towards Eth 2.0 and ‘sharding’ scaling solutions is generally considered a positive move (lower gas = win imo), the ideology is still that of a maximalist walled garden — an ‘us or no-one’ dogma, of sorts.

Meanwhile, the greatest strength of Cosmwasm/Cosmos SDK is that it allows independent-yet-collaborative chains, all fully interoperable, to essentially functioning as a network of ‘decentralised shards’ of a broader ecosystem.

In some respects, this fragmentation can also be seen as greatest weakness (complexity), so finding the balance between separate-but-together ecosystems like Cosmos with low-barrier-to-entry ecosystems such as Near (with most tooling provided ‘in house’) is also an important step.

It is our view that the more we can adopt a whole-of-crypto mentality, actively encouraging cross-chain and multi-chain integration, the stronger, safer, more resilient, and more uncensorable we all become.

But… easier said than done, right?

While we work through the finer points of what our updated multi-chain roadmap looks like (with ongoing meetings both inside and outside the IBC), we also need to focus on what we can do in the here and now.

We asked ourselves: What we can do today to foster this multi-chain ideology? What can we do to help support our #LUNAtic family as they pick up the pieces and try to rebuild? What can we do to help promote that a healthy (new) Terra helps support a healthy Cosmos Network.

To this end, we are pleased to announce the first of what will become the Ceres Validator Network — our mainnet+testnet validator for new Terra. ❤

Of course, we say “first”, because we’re not stopping there. We’re also in talks with both Team Kujira and Andromeda Protocol about how we can help them with running a validator on their new dApp-specific IBC chains that are currently under development.

Once more established, we’ll also look to expand to other chains both inside and outside of the Cosmos Network— picking where we go based on community feedback and ecosystem need.

Please Note: We are considering a slight tweak to our tokenomics to also include a small allocation for airdrops over time to those staking to our validator(s)… But we haven’t locked anything in yet. This is all a bit new.

Anyway, if you like what we’re building and want to be part of the journey, we’d love it if you consider staking your (new) $LUNA to our validator here:

NOTE: You can “Delegate” the unlocked portion of your airdrop or “Redelegate” the locked/vesting part of your airdrop (or both 😁)

Good Friends:

In addition to our partnership with Angel Protocol for $CERES, we’re also in the early stages of structuring a partnership between the Ceres Validator Network and Web3 Builder Alliance (formerly Terra Builder Alliance), a project started by the Angel team that focuses on training the next generation of #BUIDLers at all stages of their development.

What will that partnership look like? No idea 😂… But we’ll let y’all know when we figure it out.

We see limitless potential in Web3 Builders Alliance’s mission to educate, train and equip the future crypto success stories that are just starting their journey.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

Silver Linings and the “rising cost of education”

We’ve learned a lot from the collapse and rebirth of Terra… but good grief, was it an expensive lesson. As I tally things, my family’s losses were 7-figures (wiping out ~85% of my/my partner’s combined net in the process).

We’re all ok… but it bloody hurt. Clearly, the School of Hard Knocks upped their tuition fees quite a bit this year. 😅

Ceres’ current financial position is that we are comfortably equipped on our runway for most of what we need to do:

  • Finalising our model (review on the latest contract went well — few tweaks needed, but nothing major). All progressing well but still plenty to do.
  • Reworking our DeFi yield strategy and updating value accrual models (multi-source, multi-chain, multi-ecosystem, multi-currency). I really miss Anchor, but we need to ensure the eggs are spread across many baskets.
  • (Re)building smart contracts and implementing our front-end. More important than how much code we can directly ‘reuse’ is how adaptable the methodology we came up with can solve some of our bigger hurdles.

We were in the middle of our Series A (Strategic Round) and just about to begin our Series B (Private Round) when everything hit the fan, so we’re actually quite fortunate that it hit us as early in our raise as it did.

These rounds are technically still running (albeit not in $UST anymore 🤦), but we’re not going to be aggressively chasing additional funding at this time (DM’s are always open though 😜). However, we believe it’s in everyone’s best interest that we be negotiating from a position of power and have more of our ducks in a row, so we’re being actively and strategically patient.

We’re also going to put buying real-estate on hold until we’re closer to launch, working with our partners to help us make the right calls at the right time.

“Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.”
— Robert H. Schuller

Oh my word — TL;DR Plz

(yeah, this one did go on for quite a bit)

  • We have a new Terra validator (Ceres Ventures). Please consider staking❤
  • Multi-chain roadmap still in progress (lots of moving pieces).
  • Legals/compliance all coming along well.
  • New yield strategy is beginning to take shape.
  • Terra crash bit us in the @$$ a bit, but we’re ok.
  • Most importantly — we have runway, a plan on how to best use it, and partners ready to help us on our journey as we move forward.

Thank you for your belief in us, and your continued support ❤

I think that’s everything from me this week.

#TGIF, take care of yourself, and be careful with the new $LUNA launch… it’s gonna be 17 flavours of crazy with unpredictable volatility.

P.S. Our validator is NOT the one called “TERRA-FIRMA” — that’s someone else. Our validator is the one called “Ceres Ventures”.


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