Those who rest; A Response to the 2016 Orlando Shooting

In response to recent events, I think many of us are tired. Tired of everyday waking up to some new devastation or new horror.

We’ve reached new tolerances to those who are intolerant.
We’ve become jaded to a system that isn’t functioning gripped in gridlock. 
We’ve seen injustice and we have responded with indifference.

And now 50 people are dead in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S history.

I’m not speaking to cite who we blame for this. I won’t disrespect those victims to say how this should have been avoided, and I won’t disparage the work of the many who worked to preserve, and still working now to save, lives. These many lives placed in danger by a man filled with a heart of hatred. We’ll draw those opinions and debates when the facts are collected and the people are safe.

But if your blood is not seething with white-hot anger, if you are once again acknowledging just another tragedy and confide in apathy, if you find sadness but only the energy for thoughts and prayers, you are not helping.

Those that are angry, that are seeing and recognizing the horror, and those that want to fight it, do not turn that fear and rage into hatred. Hatred and intolerance has brought us to where we find ourselves, and it will not bring way for peace.

What I ask instead is that you take action, whatever small action that may be. Find victims funds and give what you can, donate blood, those in the area there are volunteer efforts beginning to help victims, and there will be need for action soon.

Prepare. Make your voice known, and do not stand for those who would use this act of intolerance to preach intolerance.

I know we are tired, and I know whatever path forward will not be easy, but justice never came to those submitted to apathy.

Stay strong Orlando, as we will for you.