5 Reasons Why Tariq Needs To Die

Bad ass Tariq denying his mother the pleasure of slapping him

I’ve never publicly called for the death of anyone, let alone a child. Yet, here we are. And strangely, I feel really good about it. If you’re not familiar with the Starz hit drama, Power you may be wondering why I’m nominating a child to push up daisies. The truth is, every character deserves to die. Tariq is just the most qualified to take an ice pick to the neck or a fatal gunshot wound to the chest.

Here are 5 reasons why Tariq St. Patrick needs to die a horrible death.

He stole a gun from a federal agent and brought it to school

The only thing worse than stealing a gun from a federal agent and getting caught with it at your $20,000/semester private school is stealing a gun from a federal agent who may be your step-mom one day and who may also send your dad to prison when she finds out the criminal enterprise she’s investigating is his.

To be fair, at the time Tariq had no idea who his dad really was. But still.

He doesn’t handle parental separations well

Separation/divorces are emotionally draining for everyone. Especially children. Since most children have a difficult time navigating through their feelings, they turn to vices like bottom-shelf vodka and eating disorders. But not Tariq. He befriended his father’s nemesis, got addicted to lean, and started doing home invasions with shady men 12 years his senior.

He got his twin sister killed

The bond between twins is unique. Some researchers believe twins can sense when the other is in danger and in some cases feel each other’s pain. Tariq must be an exception because his little punk-ass hid behind a concrete wall and watched as Ray-Ray shot Raina in the chest on a snowy night.

He botched his sister’s eulogy to tip-off Dre

You would think after being kidnapped, held for ransom, getting his sister killed, murdering a cop with his mom’s gun and getting hemmed up by his dad every episode Tariq would realize that this gangster shit really ain’t for him.

But no.

After overhearing Tommy Tell Ghost that they were going to kill Dre, Tariq pretends to be so overcome with grief during his sister’s eulogy, he has to excuse himself. Only to go to the bathroom and give Dre a heads up via text. Now the lives of Tariq’s family rests in the hands of a man who still wears a Mohawk.

I just flat-out don’t like the kid

He’s just not a good kid. His existence is an immediate threat to the health and safety of everyone who knows him.

Die slow, Tariq.