I Don’t Have The Solutions

I think it is very unfair to immediately demand solutions once an issue is identified. While I believe our work for black liberation should be central to finding solutions, I also understand the privilege associated with finding solutions

Solutions are driven by extensive data and research. Not to mention access to capital, resources, and influence.

Look, White Supremacy is not an overnight success. It has been embedded and reinforced through anthropology, science, medicine, education, media, religion, legislation, incarceration, violence, and exploitation for the last 400 years.

The insidious algorithms of White Supremacy have compromised humanity.

Convincing the world that Black lives do not matter was not an easy feat. And you’re asking me what am I going to do to end it?

I don't have the solution(s)


I know oppression hurts
I know oppression is wrong
I know I will never stop fighting

I know I will never keep quiet 
I know my life matters.