How To Keep Loving Someone
Jamie Varon

As I read this I found that you were/are having an intimate conversation with the ‘I’ that lives deep within the dark shadowy part of being Human. You remind the reader that love and by extension, life, is not romantic. That life is filled with the mundane moments and worse yet moments of wanting to hurt your loved ones.

I find that in these moments of struggle the part of me that wants to lash out in the innumerable ways has a method to dissolve those ‘wormy indisiduous’ thoughts/feelings. For me, love is my willingness to let another into my heart. Ok, what does that actually mean? When I’m in love with another; when I allow another into my heart they very much become part of my heart. Much like how an infant realizes separation from the mother and creates a proto-parent internally, I too automatically create a internalized persona of my lover.

This allows me to release all of those nasty but natural feelings we all have without doing any actual damage. And it isn’t hiding them from your lover. When the pressure subsists then if necessary a conversation in the external world can ensue. And all that remains on the inward arc is total love and gratitude.

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