Hi Terren Peterson, thanks for the information.
Gopal Amlekar

Custom slots are interesting. While they’re easy to conceptualize as a dropdown box in a visual/html world, they act a little different. What values you put into the slot are training the AI models what *might* be provided as data, so if you’re going to use it generically, the best is to attempt to put as many possible values as you can. I think there’s a technical limit of how many you can put, but it’s quite high — as in the 10k range. Given that you’re just training models, it doesn’t need to be exhaustive, but will direct the models what to steer the data towards. Given that the spoken word sometimes needs context to translate to text, that’s what the models are looking for (i.e. I read the book vs. the book is red.)

Not sure what skill you’re building, but be careful in making things too wide open as you’re going to need to catch and interpret what comes in the slot. I’ve written a few skills that have very large custom slots, and they’re difficult to manage the backend API’s.

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